Mid-Year Exams

“So zuzu can you please tell me what pi times the radius is?”


Exams, studying,blah da, blah.

We all know what week it is. Yes, Mid-year exam week. The atmosphere is tense and the week before exams can be stressful….

“Zuzu! Why are you on your email your supposed to be studying!”

“Sorry, mom”


“Right, Zuzu what’s the formula for-girls!”

“Yes, S-sorry Miss?”

“Do you want to pass exams for not”

“Uh-h yes miss, totally miss”


But hey look at the bright side, at least when they’re done you can celebrate, like a free man!

Anyway, exams can be stressful, but the best thing to do is study liek you mean it and work your hardest.

Good Luck to all,

CrispyLipstick Out


Song Quote

“I’ve been sleep walking, to close to the fire, but it’s the only place I can hold you tight, in this burning house.”-

“I had a dream bout  a burning house, you were stuck inside couldn’t get u out, lay beside you,  pulled you close,  and the two of us went up on smoke ”

Cam, Burning House

The Migration Of Friends

So, what is a friend? A friend is someone who’s always by your side. Someone you can have fun with, hang out with and act ridiculously silly with. Someone who will always be there for you and can understand your feelings. To sum everything up, friends are magical angels sent to us as a gift. But sometimes friends can fade, or move or and start moving on a different path.

Having a friend can be like being on a bird on journey through life.  What this means is that you can friends and move on to other friends through your life.

First of all , a bird has to start it’s journey in to life just like we have to by experiencing new things and new people, like starting at a new school. The bird meets other birds and as I said before starts meeting other birds and learning how to hunt for food and taking care of it’s self. This is the part where we meet other people and start making friends. Friends from different cultures, religions, from different places , or who have the same interests as us. The birds can stay in the same place for as long as it wants. Usually for about ten months depending on how long it is before winter approaches. We can be friends with people for quite a long time or not long at all. Some people even stay friends for more than 3 years! Finally when winter approaches the birds start to migrate to another warmer place.  When times change people change. People can change. Friends can change. Your friend or you might want to go other directions. Birds migrate in flocks. Sometimes people might want to join another group of friends. When the winter get’s cold the frost bites. Like people can. But it doesn’t always go like that. Sometimes friends can just fade away. But we move on. The birds move on and continue through life with their ups and downs. Losing bird friends. Changing their flocks each time. So, so can we.

Friends are special and they can MAKE us feel special, so treasure your friends, hold them close and don’t let them go. Travel swiftly and gently like a bird and make your journey worth the while.

Crispy Lipstick Out,💋

Sunday Jitters


It’s almost the beginning of the week! Let’s all get organised and push all our worries from our mins. Whether you’re going to work or to school remember to smile and enjoy your day!

  • If you have some homework or a project to do remember not to leave it till the last minute.
  • If you tests coming up remember to study!
  • Having some personal issues? Talk to someone ’bout it!
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and do regular exercise!
  • Exercise your mind by doing brain gym exercises
  • Sleep on time! Don’t you want to grow?!

Finally, have a great week and don’t forget to…


Crispy Lipstick Out💋

Crushed By your Crush

Love, Lovedy, Love , Love…..💒  

Ahhh, the power of loveeee… NOT

Sorry, I just ruined that for you but unfortunately it’s my job. You just got to deal with it. So anyway, I’m sure you guys have probably already guessed what I’m going to be talking about tonight. And yes you are correct is crush’s, and living up to the moment you were just crushed BY your crush ( Didn’t I write that as the title?) . Since, I am a Hopless Romantic as you all know it I have decided to do this for y’all tonight and you e’ betta’ be listenin’. Ummm Hmmm (Head circle thing..).

First Crushes

Having your first crush can be weird and disgusting and so many ways we want to puke yet give our crush a peck on the cheek at the same time.  And of course, we will all go through that stage where we starting hoping our crush will like us back ask ask out and we’ll live happily ever after. Sorry to ruin your dreams of meeting prince charming cuz that ain’t happening anytime soon…I think…. I’m not saying you can’t have  a crush on that guy or girl, all I’m saying is that sometimes  is that it just wont work out the way we want it to go. That is precisely why its called a crush….I think….again. LOL. Back to the topic of first crushes. Usually when a guy or a girl has their first crush they go through emotions they probably have never felt before. The girl might start writing in a diary noting down all her feelings and thoughts and the guy would just….act stupid in front the girl…JK(just Kidding)….He could possibly write in a journal ( hey it’s not only a girl thing) too or tell his mates or older siblings or even possibly express his feelings by writing songs. I remember when I had my first crush. It felt quite magical even though I knew I would never have a chance with him. So treasure those feelings… 🙂

Keeping it secret

Sometimes keeping your crushes to yourself is a good idea. Unless the person you want to tell its better not to say anything because trust me the results might not be pretty. Once when I was younger I had a MAJOR crush on a tall cute guy in my class. I told all my friends including the ones I never usually tell things and I talked about him everyday. Until one day when one of the girls ended up telling the guys best friend that I like him. I almost died of embarrassment. His best friend then told me that the guy liked me back but I couldn’t be sure so I asked him after the last school period.  What I got as a response wasn’t what I expected. “Hey —-, —– said you like me? Is that true?” He turned pink. “—— said that you like me.” There’s awkward silence until I break it by telling him that I don’t. And I kept doing that. And doing that because I was so stressed. But after that I found out that he actually liked me back and it was kinda cute. Then, I may have been lucky but now I’m more careful of what I say. (I hope). So, go ahead tell whoever you want. But please think about it before you do. Is this person a Blabber Mouth? Can I trust them? Will they make it obvious? Be Careful. Stay Safe.

Expressing Our Feelings

Girls and Boys express their feelings in lots of different ways. Whether it’s in story form or in a song or poem they use their emotions to describe how they feel. When I had a few crushes before I know I used to write in a diary ( I still do, been through four diaries so far.LOL) I even sang to myself while I was in the shower. Because trust when your in the bed room you’re a talent show contestant but when you’re in the shower you’re  a international pop star. Here are some ways others express their feelings….

Song Writing, Poem Writing, Drawing and Sketching, Listening to music, Writing down in a diary, Writing a Blog, Arts and Crafts, And lots crazy more Ideas tht I can’t seem to remember.


Finally, to conclude this I’ll talk to you a little about getting through a serious issue…..BEING CRUSHED BY YOUR CRUSH….Ikr. Sad.  This could happen in lots of ways.

He/She likes someone else

He/She hates you

He/She thinks you’re weird

He/She doesn’t even know you exist


But the best thing to do is stay calm and act like don’t you care. Don’t go mad and go home and sob in your pillow and not not eat anything for a week because that isn’t going to help. Talk to a friend about how you feel. Write down your feelings, express them. And if you need to, have a little cry. Sometimes it’s better to let everything out. You could even do something fun to occupy yourself. There are so many things you could do. Just remember be yourself. Don’t start putting on extra Mascara and Make-up and start acting totally different to who you actually are just to impress someone else. If they don’t like you that’s their fault. Just Be Yourslef.

So that concludes my advice to you,

Here’s a little video for your entertainment,

Stay Happy and Stay LOVEly (get it),

CrispyLipstick OuT💋

Stay Happy and Stay LOVEly (get it),

CrispyLipstick OuT💋


G’d Mates! So srry for posting late, was busy studying. Blah🍕 But I’m going koalas now so lets get started!

Lucky Blue Smith💎

And yes. That is his real name. I’m guessing he named him after his gorgeous blue eyes O.O

lucky blue

I bet you all agree with me HE is gorgeous. He is btw a model. But I’m sure guys guessed that already. SO anyway, he is of course my fav male model. SO here some background info…

Lucky Blue Smith (born 1997/1998) is an American model, actor and drummer. Scouted at the age of 10, he was signed to an international agency by the age of 12. Known for his platinum hair, Smith achieved “top model” status very quickly, shooting with highly-respected photographers and working with international brands.

I chose him cuz I saw something bout him on Teen Vogue and I tots adore him. (Don’t tell him that).

You can follow him on twitter @luckyblue . But no stalking


Anyway, bed time for me…zzzzzz


CrispyLipstick out…💋

Dear everyone, I’ve made mistakes in my life, I’ve let people take advantage of me and I’ve excepted way less than I deserve. But I’ve learned from my bad choices and even though there are some thing I can never get back and people who will never be sorry. I’ll know better next time and I wont settle for anything less than I deserve.