Mid-Year Exams

“So zuzu can you please tell me what pi times the radius is?”


Exams, studying,blah da, blah.

We all know what week it is. Yes, Mid-year exam week. The atmosphere is tense and the week before exams can be stressful….

“Zuzu! Why are you on your email your supposed to be studying!”

“Sorry, mom”


“Right, Zuzu what’s the formula for-girls!”

“Yes, S-sorry Miss?”

“Do you want to pass exams for not”

“Uh-h yes miss, totally miss”


But hey look at the bright side, at least when they’re done you can celebrate, like a free man!

Anyway, exams can be stressful, but the best thing to do is study liek you mean it and work your hardest.

Good Luck to all,

CrispyLipstick Out


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