G’d Mates! So srry for posting late, was busy studying. Blah🍕 But I’m going koalas now so lets get started!

Lucky Blue Smith💎

And yes. That is his real name. I’m guessing he named him after his gorgeous blue eyes O.O

lucky blue

I bet you all agree with me HE is gorgeous. He is btw a model. But I’m sure guys guessed that already. SO anyway, he is of course my fav male model. SO here some background info…

Lucky Blue Smith (born 1997/1998) is an American model, actor and drummer. Scouted at the age of 10, he was signed to an international agency by the age of 12. Known for his platinum hair, Smith achieved “top model” status very quickly, shooting with highly-respected photographers and working with international brands.

I chose him cuz I saw something bout him on Teen Vogue and I tots adore him. (Don’t tell him that).

You can follow him on twitter @luckyblue . But no stalking


Anyway, bed time for me…zzzzzz


CrispyLipstick out…💋


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