The Migration Of Friends

So, what is a friend? A friend is someone who’s always by your side. Someone you can have fun with, hang out with and act ridiculously silly with. Someone who will always be there for you and can understand your feelings. To sum everything up, friends are magical angels sent to us as a gift. But sometimes friends can fade, or move or and start moving on a different path.

Having a friend can be like being on a bird on journey through life.  What this means is that you can friends and move on to other friends through your life.

First of all , a bird has to start it’s journey in to life just like we have to by experiencing new things and new people, like starting at a new school. The bird meets other birds and as I said before starts meeting other birds and learning how to hunt for food and taking care of it’s self. This is the part where we meet other people and start making friends. Friends from different cultures, religions, from different places , or who have the same interests as us. The birds can stay in the same place for as long as it wants. Usually for about ten months depending on how long it is before winter approaches. We can be friends with people for quite a long time or not long at all. Some people even stay friends for more than 3 years! Finally when winter approaches the birds start to migrate to another warmer place.  When times change people change. People can change. Friends can change. Your friend or you might want to go other directions. Birds migrate in flocks. Sometimes people might want to join another group of friends. When the winter get’s cold the frost bites. Like people can. But it doesn’t always go like that. Sometimes friends can just fade away. But we move on. The birds move on and continue through life with their ups and downs. Losing bird friends. Changing their flocks each time. So, so can we.

Friends are special and they can MAKE us feel special, so treasure your friends, hold them close and don’t let them go. Travel swiftly and gently like a bird and make your journey worth the while.

Crispy Lipstick Out,💋


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