Back to School

Its that time of the year again. The crowded hallways,decorating lockers and best of all new friends!  A lot of us dread the first day of school, but hey? Look st the bright side at least you can keep yourself busy again.

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I’m sure everybody has at least one thing they hate about school. One thing I hate about school is getting to lessons on time. Having to run from one part of the school to another or run up 9 staircases and all the way back down WITH a heavy bag full of books and ballerina flats, it really doesn’t make my day. I mean seriously can’t they just get escalators or something? 😉

But don’t forget there’s always the things we enjoy most that keep us busy during the 9 months of school.  For example, there’s locker decorating. The joy of filling your locker with stickers and colorful pictures and paper just make me burst with happiness and creativity. Oh and don’t forget the mirrors….oh! oh! And the emergency lip gloss. Don’t forget the emergency lip gloss.

Ok boys, your probably feeling a bit left out now but don’t worry I’ve got something for you. Something I’m sure will make your day. Football. Yes, I said it football. The game where maniacs kicks balls into to nets and sometimes end up knocking out girls on the bleachers…..neh just kiddin’, who doesnt like a short and sweet game of football with they’re mates. The fresh outdoors air, the wonderful feeling of making a goal, the grass against your shoes…oh I could go on for days but unfortunately I wont.

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Bck to the point. Don’t think that schools are there to torture you to death and so that your parents can spend the day out while your stuck inside a filthy class room writing equations because it’s not. It’s there to teach you life lessons and marvelous things that will benefit you in the future. And you’ve gotta admit, once you leave it you’re gonna miss it.

If you have any things you love or despise about school pls tell me in the comments box below I’ll be super happy to here your stories.

Stay in school,

Crispy Lipstick out💋


2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. The one thing that I love about school is that I can make friends. Last year I came to this huge awesome school and the one thing that I was worrying about was that i would have friends, but there was one girl that became my buddy for life. She is still my BFF this year, though she is in a different class, but she is luckily in my English class…. 🙂

    Love ………. Mickey 😉


    1. Hi Mickey. It’s lovely to hear that you enjoy making friends at school. It is definitely something we all look forward to when the year starts. Especially when It’s your first year at a school. And it is definitely great to have a best friend, not that I’m saying you have to have one. You can have lots of good friends but not a best friend if you want it’s your choice. It was lovely to hear from you….tell you friend I said “Hi”.
      CrsipyLipstick Out💋


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